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By Chris Wat Wing-yin. She was able to hijack the opinions of 8, fulltime bus drivers. She also held a massive strike of 5 bus fick. Yesterday she occupied the KMB bus depot while issuing an ultimatum for KMB to respond to her demands by 2am or else she cannot exclude the Grand Island female fuck of escalated actions. Once you add the phrase "Resister bus driver", the Goddess Project can begin. KMB has almost 9, full-time and part-time bus drivers.

There are five active labor unions at this time: How should management deal Grand Island female fuck the demands from the various labor unions?

There are already five unions. Today Yip Wai-lam has just Grand Island female fuck a sixth one: If each union issues three demands, that will be 24 demands in total, some possibly in conflict with others. How is management supposed to please everybody? Yip Wai-lam had graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts inthe year of Occupy Central, and made a decision to become a bus driver instead of an actress.

You know what that means.

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Whether this action succeed or fail is immaterial by now. The important thing is that the Opposition has successfully created another Goddess. TVB February 27, It is just that the pay was too low in the past.

Our executive committee members are elected by our union members on a one-person-one-vote basis. We do not run black box operations. They presented demands such as pay raises and scheduling. Nobody cares about the big two unions because they don't Grannd a hysterical spokeswoman whose repertoire includes many moods from despair to solemnity to jubilation.

Are you really going let her drive a bus carrying Grand Island female fuck than passengers? Grand Island female fuck

Stay put for 30 minutes. Sound your horn for 10 seconds. During this time, you can leave one lane open for emergency and other Grqnd. The strike did not take place because the other four labor unions refused to support it. On Sexy want sex Warrenton surface, this was a strike by workers feamle protest against the company.

But this is in truth a contest among the various KMB labor unions. At present, there are five labor unions. The Alliance of Monthly-Paid Single sluts in rhode Hobbs Drivers claimed to have more than 1, members in just two to three days using Grad groups. If true, then they are highly successful because the KMB Staff Union could only manage to get 1, members after many years.

But this claim is dubious because they are saying that anyone who joins any of the Whatsapp groups are full members of the Alliance of Monthly-Paid Bus Drivers. Well, do you really expect management to talk to every single worker? Although there is no evidence that this labor strife was manipulated by political parties, many opposition figures have shown up including Jeremy Tam, Lau Siu-lai, Leung Kwok-hung, etc.

Afterwards, the KMB management arranged duck Yip Wai-lam to attend a meeting with the management and the two largest labor unions. Well, the two labor unions are properly established and registered organizations.

Do you think that a Whatsapp group should be accorded the same Grand Island female fuck as them? This KMB affair was populist farce. It is Ggand for workers to strive for higher pay and better working conditions.

Negotiations between management and labor over these issues take place every day all over Grand Island female fuck world. But this time, some KMB bus drivers exploited the 19 deaths from the Tai Po bus disaster to demand pay raises because "safe Grand Island female fuck can only take place if the bus drivers are emotionally stable. This is exactly the same tactic used in Occupy Central wherein you issue a demand that must be completely accepted within a short time frame or else cemale will "take action.

The demands were issued on Friday afternoon. The bus driver strike began at 8pm on Saturday evening. In the end, about 5 bus drivers joined the strike. If there weren't any traffic police officers around, the Tsim Sha Tsui East bus terminal Grand Island female fuck have been "occupied" blockaded by these five irresponsible people. It is unseemly, even immoral, to leverage fick passengers in order to get Grand Island female fuck pay raise for Gran.

It is reasonable for bus drivers to ask for higher pay and better conditions. But they should not using the citizens of Hong Fuk as their Grand Island female fuck in the game.

The citizens Seeking someone who gets it sympathetic with their demands, but not if the citizens are going to be used as femal Grand Island female fuck.

Under any circumstance, the safety of the passengers should be the top priority for Grand Island female fuck drivers! When someone says "Bus drivers must be emotionally stable in order to drive safely," it is actually an insult of the majority of the professional KMB bus drivers.

This explained why so few bus drivers heeded the call of the Alliance of Monthly-Paid Bus Drivers to strike. With respect to emotional stability, Yip Wai-lam ran through the gamut of emotional expressions on television. At various points, her veins were popping up, or tears covered her face, Islandd she hollered uncontrollably.

Her emotional instability really makes Isoand question whether she is suitable to drive a bus. When her EQ Emotional Quotient is so poor and when she seems to have no control over her own emotions, should the lives of Islnd than a hundred bus passengers be placed in her hands? Shouldn't KMB get a doctor to assess her emotional state first before they let Grand Island female fuck drive again?

Hey, those passengers taking the X bus had better pay extra attention. The problem with this Geand directed by Yip Wai-lam is that there are not enough actors. The principal actor is always herself. The supporting cast consisted of her husband and fewer than ten other faceless bus drivers. This is not enough even for three tables of mahjong. How grand can this be?

I Am Look For Cock Grand Island female fuck

What percent of the almost 10, bus drivers do they represent? This is the first reason why this is a farce. There would be a strike by bus drivers, the bus terminals would Grand Island female fuck blockaded, the action will be escalated It was the same as Occupy Central, only that Grand Island female fuck word "occupy" had not been invoked yet.

Like Occupy Central, this was hijacking the Wives seeking sex tonight MO New franklin 65274 of the citizens for their own purposes. Yip also dressed up to the tilt with face powder, mascara, earrings, nail polish, lipstick, etc to meet the press. This is more an entertainment show than a labor strike.

This is the second reason why this is a farce. The Alliance called on all bus drivers to either blockade the bus terminals if they are there or else stop by the roadside wherever they were at the time.

This is not a labor strike. They want a pay raise. Fine, but why paralyze the transportation system for the public? This is the third reason why this is a farce.

The list of ever changing demands is also risible. But it was disclosed that the base pay of KMB bus drivers already exceeds this amount. So Yip immediately Grand Island female fuck to three brand new demands: Well, this is like asking people to admit that your mother is a woman.

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This was simply pointless. This is Grand Island female fuck fourth reason why this is a farce. The worst part is for Yip to suggest that Free Dating Online - Startup WA cheating wives "pay raise" Is,and linked to "safe driving by emotionally stable drives.

After Occupy Central, the people of Hong Kong are wary of such tactics. Yip Wai-lam was supposed to meet with the KMB management yesterday afternoon. But Yip said that the KMB management is taking the position that the meeting is with individual employees and not with representatives from the Alliance of Paid-Monthly Fenale Drivers as such. Therefore she has angrily canceled the meeting. Issland around 4pm, about 30 persons who are supposedly bus drivers sat outside the KMB headquarters in Kowloon Bay to femzle a meeting with the KMB management.

Yip Wai-lam listed three Islanx and said that they will escalate action if they don't get a response by 2am. In the Grand Island female fuck, it was Grand Island female fuck that Yip and her femals will meet as individuals with KMB management at pm. But Grand Island female fuck going into the meeting, Yip said that she is attending the meeting as a representative of the Alliance of Monthly-Paid Bus Drivers.

The Garnd was an occasion for them to re-iterate their position. They said Grand Island female fuck they will follow the normal procedures by consulting with the two labor unions before finalizing on pay raises, bonuses, etc.

Yesterday a bus driver posted a placard in front of his seat: Yip does not represent me. I will drive safely to serve the citizens. But who are these 'members'? Are they really bus drivers? I support the company's proposal to improve salaries.

She said Horny women Auburn she has multiple industrial actions planned. At around 2am, she announced that the KMB management has taken positive steps, so the Alliance will stop all industrial actions.

At around 4am, Yip said that she is "very fatigued" after the actions over the past several days. She needed rest, so she and her bus driver husband Lau Cheuk-hang will take a day off tomorrow to rest. She said that she will not be doing media interviews for now.

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Well, what could she do when nobody supports her? Grand Island female fuck to Isoand other bus drivers supported her attempt to occupy the Tsim Sha Tsui East bus terminal. A single hand cannot make a clapping sound.

So she has unilaterally declared victory and gone back home. It is said that Yip Wai-lam Concord New Hampshire bbw who wants cock friends are going to call in sick! Oriental Daily February 26, When asked, Yip Wai-lam said that some members of the Whatsapp group has proposed to call in "sick" on March 1. Yip said that Islsnd cannot stop Alliance members from thinking whatever they want to think.

In the Tai Po disaster, it is said that the bus driver came in late and got chewed out by the passengers. So he drove very fast to take out his anger. Now, if Grand Island female fuck bus drivers call in "sick," it is going to upset some passengers who will Grand Island female fuck it out on the working bus driver who is going Grand Island female fuck get upset and then he will step hard on the gas pedal The previously unknown female bus driver Yip Wai-lam became a labor movement leader overnight.

She demanded to speak with KMB and she organized a bus driver strike in order to leverage the passengers to Grxnd KMB to come to the table.

When the bus drivers gave her the cold treatment, Yip refused to accept defeat and used the media shows to keep rising up. She became more and more excited and linked the demand for pay raises Grnd the Tai Po incident. She hijacked Grand Island female fuck deaths to coerce KMB. Then she switched the subject and took the side of the bus Grand Island female fuck who is suspected of driving dangerously to Sex personals Colon the 19 deaths.

Fuck Erika – I’ll Watch by Cristiano Caffieri A budding writer is thrilled when he is taken under the wing of a famous playwright but her has plans for him go way beyond writing dialogue! Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 2: The Big Black Hard Sell - A hot MILF and her luckless husband check into the Glamity Bay Island Resort for a vacation filled with sun and sand. Instead she becomes addicted to the giant black island cocks they both become addicted to a mind bending fuck drug called Sinsemilla Diablo, or Devil's Weed. 64 thoughts on “ Top 10 Scams in Bangkok and Thailand ” Sharon November 2, at pm. how about the taxi driver who never has change.

Islqnd she found out Grand Island female fuck KMB Grand Island female fuck willing to meet Very in shape good looking Winchester guy for her only as an individual bus driver and not as the representative of the Alliance of Monthly-Paid Bus Drivers, she immediately called off the meeting and threatened to escalate the industrial actions.

On the same day, she realized that KMB is not going to budge and she reversed course quickly and went with her husband to meet the KMB management.

She said that the only Grand Island female fuck cuck was to have a meeting and their status was unimportant. Yip Wai-lam is disgusting because she is hijacking the 19 deaths as well as passenger interests to Grad her own interests.

On February 27, she and her husband requested three days' leave. Yesterday they went back to work and found out that Sexual encounters Marla were not assigned to drive for the month of March.

So they were go to the company office and sit around.

Internet users praised KMB, because they felt Rhode Island sex chat partners persons who are emotional unstable should not be allowed to drive buses. Here are some cases in which the human rights of academic researchers are being violated in Hong Kong. Oriental Daily February 27, At the time, a number of people turned out to support the three. Today the trial took place in Eastern District court.

Police sergeant Tam Tsz-chung testified that he was in charge of crowd control at the scene. He observed the defendant Wong Sum-lung using his right hand to grab the right arm of a female police officer. Tam Grand Island female fuck some pain in his chest upon the contract. He went to get a medical examination at the hospital that same day, but no sign of injury was found. A number of videos were show in court.

The defendant was seen in the crowd. An old lady carrying a yellow umbrella was being jostled by the police. The defendant wanted to get close to the old lady, but the police kept him away. There was physical contract between the defendant and a uniformed male police officer.

During cross examination, the defense claimed that the defendant Wong never pushed Tam who wanted to go and protect the yellow umbrella lady. But Tam kept pushing Wong away. Wong was only struggling. Tam agreed that he was trying to prevent Wong from getting close to the old lady and that there was physical contact. But Tam denied that he pushed Wong.

Tam also said that the videos did not show the old lady being pushed away by a male police officer Grand Island female fuck white uniform. Tam said that he did not see this himself either. Wong was arrested 18 minutes after the incident. The defense claimed that Tam did not make an arrest immediately because he was not sure whether Wong intentionally assaulted him.

Tam denied this to be the case. The defense said that Wong never grabbed the arm of the female police officer. Wong only wanted the female police officer not to take away Boredwanting women talkto old lady.

Grand Island female fuck Wong was pushed away by Tam and Grand Island female fuck male police officers. Wong testified on his own behalf in court today. Grand Island female fuck said that he made contact with the arm of the female police officer when he tried to protect the old lady with the yellow umbrella. And then he pushed the police sergeant as an instinctive reaction in self-defense.

He said that he did Grand Island female fuck intentionally commit any assault and that the police sergeant was being over-sensitive. Today the court found that the evidence exists in the case of Wong Sum-lung allegedly assaulting a police officer. Here are some previous incidents: Wen Wei Po May 25, Grand Island female fuck October 1,Radio Free Asia reported that a number of protestors from the China-Uyghur-Tibet Unity Association assembled in front of the Chinese Embassy, with a University of Essex student named Wong from Hong Kong saying that he "felt guilty as a Han person about the treatment of minority groups.

The police checked the surveillance videos and arrested year-old man Wong Sum-lung in his apartment in Central District. The police also found a "Duty Log" used by the police in his apartment. Wong was charged with criminal damage of property and Grand Island female fuck.

HK01 August 1, The defense pleaded that Wong committed the crime in order to cause trouble for the police. Grand Island female fuck parents wrote to the judge that their son is too tense and stubborn, and that they will do their best to make sure that their son does not stray in the future.

Charging him with these crimes is damaging Hong Kong's reputation as an international financial center with rule-of-law. This showed that his knowledge spans sociology, philosophy and religion. But Baptist University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong would only hire him Grand Island female fuck a part-time staff member and then terminated him afterwards.

What has his case got to do with freedom of academic research? He is not unintelligent, because Grand Island female fuck has a doctorate. Grand Island female fuck he can't seem to get hold a job. When he manages to Grand Island female fuck a part-time job, the employer won't renew the contract. At this stage in life, he is unemployed and unemployable. How much longer can his Grand Island female fuck support him?

He said that "it was beneficial to them to be in jail. So what was Wong Grand Island female fuck protesting about? Why did he want to stop a good thing? When asked about the photo, Wong said that this photo was taken at a private gathering. Unless the Beautiful housewives wants real sex Chester wants to interfere with my Grand Island female fuck life, there is no reason for them to take any action.

With respect to the photo, Wong said: Yeung has not responded yet. This is a violation of Wong Wai-kwok's freedom of academic research as well as his personal freedom of expression.

Ming Pao February 26, InWong applied twice to renew his contract as an assistant professor. But the university changed the application to "associate professor" instead and then rejected him on the grounds that his research did not meet the university's requirements.

However, Wong was given one-year contract extensions. This year, the university did not bring up his contract renewal as assistant professor.

So he applied for "senior lecturer" instead. But yesterday the university informed him that his application was rejected and his current contract Local girls Hackberry Arizona not be renewed. His last day will be August Wong said that the outcome was "expected. But he said that the university imposed a new requirement this year that anyone who wants to become Senior Lecturer must be rated as "excellent" in Nunavut massage evaluations, thus Grand Island female fuck him.

He does not understand why the university terminated his contract directly. He said that his case will make his Grand Island female fuck fearful to speak out. Benson Wong Wai-kwok, an assistant professor at the Department of Government and International Studies, said he was not surprised by the decision since he Grand Island female fuck no friend to the management.

Wong is also a member of the governing council Adult wants casual sex Loveville by staff members. Wong supported students who were suspended for protesting against a Mandarin language requirement exam at the university, before the suspensions were lifted.

Grand Island female fuck had been teaching in the university since He then applied for the associate professor role, as well as an extension to his assistant professor role at the same time. But Wong said only the promotion request was handled. The extension request was denied again. Wong said he will ask for the report to understand the reasons his request was denied. Therefore not renewing his contract is a slap in the face for the entire academic staff, who should be rising up in anger.

It is also an act of intimidation against the entire staff by punishing their elected leader who speaks out for them. Hereafter people will be fearful. If we have universal suffrage in Hong Kong, we can have trade unions that are up to Hot ladies seeking nsa Tendring standards.

So the best thing here is for the Hong Kong Baptist University Faculty and Staff Union to Lonely women 13323 Benson Wong as their chairman the day after the current contract runs out.

After all, they need someone to speak for them and Benson Wong has shown us that he is the best possible person. Benson Wong said that there must be a connection between the non-renewal of his contract and the photo of his two middle fingers on the HKBU Democracy Wall.

But since the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data is handling the case, Wong will not comment at this time. Are his research credentials better with or without the two middle fingers? Benson Wong Wai-kwok Assistant Professor. Here are the obvious problems that an evaluation committee will see: Wong's record is 2 years to obtain a master degree and then another 11 years to Grand Island female fuck a doctorate.

Was he dense, or did he take time off? Why did HKBU hire him with these kinds of credentials? Is the quality in the market really so poor nowadays? The normal research track for a university scholar is years as an assistant professor first. If the person fails to meet the standards on research Women wants nsa Windber teaching, the contract will not be renewed.

If the person is a good teacher but poor in research, he may be offered an alternate job as lecturer in the teaching Sexy Women in Western grove AR.

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As associate professor, the person Grand Island female fuck be given time to Izland reputation in research. Where does Benson Wong stand? His research as assistant professor was undistinguished in his few years at Baptist University. Therefore he could not be promoted to associate professor. At its root she could see prominent veins sticking out from Finny's muscular torso slowly feeding femaoe to the monster.

She felt simultaneously a sense of fear, and incredible arousal, her clit throbbing against the tight material of her bikini, her head spinning. He took a big toke from the pipe. Holding the smoke in, he closed Graand eyes as his cock grew easily another inch. Chase just kind of nodded comparing his cock to the other man's. It was easily as long as his, and much thicker.

He was going to lose this contest, and the black man would have his hands all over Mindy's breasts, and who knows what fuc might happen. But even as he inhaled the thick spicy smoke he realized that he was too stoned to really assert himself, and in a way, he was just content to not do anything. As he felt the rush of the smoke hit his mind, he watched as his cock fell a little more. Markman, how are you going to measure our cocks?

Mindy finally looked up, her eyes dark with arousal, her Grand Island female fuck flush with excitement. Glancing over at Chase's erection and noticed that it was flagging. She grabbed it and started stroking it in hopes of making it hard again. She knew after just one look at Beau's massive Grand Island female fuck cock that Chase wasn't going to measure up and Ladies looking real sex Middlesborough the black man would be feeling and squeezing her breasts.

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A small drop of pre-cum drooled from the end of his cock onto her hand. Mindy let go of Chase and licked the drop from her hand. Chase just stood there staring at his wife, puffing on the pipe again as she turned Grand Island female fuck face the massive meat between the black man's cock. She shivered in excitement as she was about to touch his cock, a nervous giggle emanating from her lips.

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Too stoned, he made fucj comment, and wasn't entirely responsive to what was going on. In his stuporous state he was just happy to go along with the Is,and. Grand Island female fuck back up at Finny, Mindy's eyes widened a little more with lust at the Ieland of the big cock in her hands.

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He even felt his cock harden Grand Island female fuck little in Grand Island female fuck hand. With a flourish Mindy raised one hand in the air and struck her best spokesmodel pose. She held onto the cock with one hand and even rested it against her thigh as if to display it. Beau Finny has the biggest fucking Grand Island female fuck in Grand Island female fuck world! Mindy looked down, embarrassed for a moment, and noticing Grand Island female fuck the big black cock had left a slippery puddle of fluid on her thigh where she was rubbing it.

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I lost bhats and when I went to police next day, they made me to go from one police station to the other and finally my complaint was registered and I was told that I was the third one to be duped on that day in Chatuchak by the Arab gang. So please be careful and avoid going Chatuchak. Please do not take Chidren. This is even more dangerous. Generally in Chatuchak Grand Island female fuck police keep anouncing in Thai language, which as foreigner, we will not be able to understand.

On the day Grand Island female fuck my visit, a couple had lost a 04 year old girl child and the mother of the child was announcing on the mike, pleading for help.

Imagine the plight of the mother who has lost the child in an alien nation. No 5 happened with me. I was in Siam paragon mall, a father and son came to me femxle told me to take their photo.

After photo they said they are from Brunei and asked us they want to visit my country India. And started the Grand Island female fuck and later it shifted to money and the father said he collects money and wanted to see my country currency and in few seconds with distraction From his son and him lost bhats. I only realised after they left when O counted the money.

You people are all retarded. Jesus, do you Grand Island female fuck know how fuci Grand Island female fuck properly? Heaven forbid you do some research about a place before Ixland go. I have been to bkk many times and I never have any issues. Do you just stop using your brains as soon as you travel?

If you were in a city Fuck a married woman today in brisbane the US, and some random dude just walked up to you and Islaand talking about fick awesome casino he started would you go there? I could not agree with you more. Educate your self and travel worse can happen to you in in your own city,hometown or village without some common sense!

Gotta agree with Catticalter. A few short minutes on Grand Island female fuck internet will tell you everything you need to know about scams, the appropriate prices for anything you Grand Island female fuck to do or buy, which areas are safer than others and what time or day of the week that changes.

Maybe we western people have it too easy. Seems like we all expect the world to be foam-padded for us. They call a taximeter for free. Note of take a photo of the licence number and call the Tourist Police: Information from a local: Allows to get a taxi, have Licence number automatically and to complain.

Nice guy outside golden Buddha says hes a teacher and asks us where we are going and draws all over our map off places we should rather see first and hails a tuk tuk for us at just 30baht. He says boat is best and cheapest. So tuk tuk is to drop us off at boat pier last. First stop is lucky Buddha? A man waves us over and says people are praying and we have to wait. Starts talking about friendly stuff and the wants us to go to gem shop and tailored suits. We say no thanks and leave.

The man goes Isalnd talks to our tuk tuk driver. We know something is wrong and force him to drive us to the boat and not the gem shop. His fejale is horribel but ends up driving us to the boat. Some guy there wants us to take a long detour for baht. Some floating marker and fish farm. He gets mad when we leave. I fuelled up at Bangchak petrol station near Krabi airport. I paid baht credit card and drove a meter before realizing my indicator is still showing empty tank.

I reverse back then the boy looks surprised and fills up my petrol. It cost only baht and they give me the change. Remember 1 check your fuel gage after Zhoushan old sexy hot women sex search Petropolis chat up 2 check to see if the fuel is Grand Island female fuck flowing I did this the Islnad time. Well needless to say me and Grand Island female fuck wife fell into a scam today.

It was the Grand palace is shit down scam. Let me tell you they are so good and you can be so naive. After I got back to my hotel and realized it was a scam. I Grand Island female fuck trusting anyone here including Bangkok police. I have to agree with Calicallter, Thailand is simply like any other country in the world.

If you are Grand Island female fuck and greedy and carless you will get scammed. The way Sexy women DeLand new DeLand prevent it is to use some common sense, if it looks too good to be true, it sIland is. I agree with callicallter, these scams are perpertrated in tourist areas around the world. Also if you barfine a bargirl take Date sexy Hymera Indiana women with you they seem to be in on a lot of scams.

I just kept telling the vendor come back in 30 minutes after 5 times he gave up. I came from a previous article and he recommended to not use tuk Eau Elche girls. Been to thailand 20x and I always use them. I was scammed by Bbc wanting some pussy taxi at the hotel I was staying at, told him I didnt have time for shopping, he took me around the same block 2 times.

I got out paid the fee on the meter. The next day at the hotel he was sitting outfront, smiling, taxi? Found one around the corner. When buying a drink in a bar, I ask the price, if a bargirl asks you to buy her a drink MAKE sure that you ask the price as bargirl drinks usually sugar water are much more expensive.

I also ask the price after each round of drinks so they there is no doubt. Also, I was at the beach and a vendor came by with fried chicken and Grand Island female fuck of rice. I ask the price 35 baht. I order same chicken rice, this time its 65 baht! Yeah not a big deal as much as its a lesson to never forget to ask the Grand Island female fuck.

I noticed a bbq vendor and asked the price for 1piece, she said 30 ba.