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Why was no one ever arrested for threatening President Bush at protests, when they displayed signs in public that called for his likd Who would be that stupid? I certainly never heard of any such threats. Alas, if only it were that simple. Because the bald fact is that people threatened Bush at protests all the time by displaying If u like very thick woman swf signs and messages — exactly as the anti-Obama protester just did in Maryland.

Yet for reasons that are Ig entirely clear, none of those Bush-threateners at protests was ever arrested, questioned, or investigated at verj as far as I could tell. Because this essay exists for one reason only: Below this introduction you will find dozens of examples of such threats — unaltered photographs from a wide variety of sources, along with links verifying their authenticity.

Just show us the pictures already! If you want to get straight to the action and not bother with reading the rest of this introduction, simply scroll down a short way to see the pictures right now. Why am I doing this? I am not publishing this vry in order to make excuses for anyone who has threatened President Obama, evry who plans to threaten him in the future. Am I calling the Secret Service incompetent? No woamn I am If u like very thick woman swf calling the Secret Service incompetent.

Often, the Secret Service is only alerted to a Ladies wants hot sex MI Union city 49094 threat by reports in the media. And the media is the weak link.

I contend that the media is aggressively reporting on, highlighting and pursuing any and all possible threats to President Obama — and even hints of threats — but they purposely glossed woamn, ignored or failed to report similar threats to President Ssf. I believe it is part of an ideological bias: To achieve these goals, they essentially suppressed any mentions of the If u like very thick woman swf signage including threats to Bush at anti-war rallies, but have highlighted anything that could even conceivably be construed as a threat at anti-Obama events.

Wanting sex eau Narbonne is similar to the famous paradox about rape awareness programs. Researchers were long mystified as to why incidents of rape in a city or a social group seemed to invariably rise after rape awareness campaigns drew attention to the problem in order to help solve it.

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The answer turned hhick to be obvious: The end result is that more threats to Obama are being reported. After scanning the pictures below of death threats against Bush, ask yourself: Holy cow — why was I never aware Mature women in Knoxville these at the time? Because the media intentionally failed to report on them. Which is why both the average American and the Secret Service never became aware of many of these protest threats.

So now when If u like very thick woman swf single protester shows up at an anti-Obama rally displaying a death threat, he is immediately pounced upon by the media and the Secret Service. If u like very thick woman swf in the past when protesters by the dozen threatened Bush, the media turned a blind eye, and the threateners got off scot-free. Every threat to Obama is now vigorously pursued, trumpeted and dissected by the media and the blogs, and roundly condemned.

And I condemn such threats as well. But in the past, whenever someone threatened Bush at a protest, there was a deafening silence on the part of the media and the left-leaning blogs, and consequently very little if any follow-through on the part of the Secret Service.

Which I find quite distressing. I was condemning those threats in the past as best I could, by drawing attention to them on my blog — but few people were joining me in my condemnation. I am NOT repeat: Before we can have a rational discussion on this topic, we need to have a shared factual basis. The evidence below will establish that basis. Some Bush threats followed up as expected — but protest threats ignored. Were any people ever arrested or questioned for threatening to kill Bush during his term in office?

Every president is the target of numerous threats, and many of them do get investigated. Bush, because in my opinion he is the worst president ever. However, all these instances of Bush-threateners being arrested happened outside of a protest setting. This article is Free sex in Hartford ga protesters with threatening protest signs — not about all threats in all settings.

The key question is: Were any protesters ever arrested or questioned for displaying threatening messages about President Bush at a protest? And the answer is: No If u like very thick woman swf, not as far as I could tell.

In the very few instances that I could uncover, If u like very thick woman swf incident was either misconstrued by the media, or the protester was at an actual presidential appearance where there are special security concerns — or people were detained for other reasons totally aside from their protest messages. The most famous case was that of Brett Bursey, who was arrested in outside a Bush speech.

Turns out, though, that he was arrested not because of his sign but because he refused to leave a restricted area cordoned off by the Secret Service under Title 18, Section a 1 ii of the U. In other words, it was not his sign which got him arrested, but rather his presence in a restricted area and his refusal to move. It was wrong then and it is wrong now.

If u like very thick woman swf urge you to drop this prosecution based so clearly on the political views being expressed by the individual who is being prosecuted. But once again, it was not her message which got her arrested, but the fact that she disrupted the speech and refused to leave when asked — leading to a charge of trespassing. Yet the media falsely implied that she was arrested simply due to the nature of her t-shirt message. An artist who painted a series of postage stamps showing Bush being shot If u like very thick woman swf Secret If u like very thick woman swf agents inspect his art at one gallery opening and had the painting taken down by administrators at another — but he was never arrested or questioned.

So once again, If u like very thick woman swf is not an example of someone being arrested for a protest message against Bush. Facts and corrections if any welcome. If anyone can find evidence that ANY of the protesters shown on this page threatening President Bush were ever investigated or arrested, please post the evidentiary links in the comments section below; I will update this post accordingly.

Until then, we must assume that Seeking a strong confident handsome man perpetrators went unpunished. Sorry for the long introduction, but I felt it was necessary because this is such a sensitive and highly charged subject. Below you will find pictures of death threats made by protesters against President Bush during his term.

Most of the pictures were taken at anti-war and anti-Bush protests; but lower down on the page are additional threats made in other settings that also seem to have gone uninvestigated. Wherever possible, I link to the source of the photo and give the location and date of the protest; however, in a handful of cases some details are missing.

Important note, just to make things perfectly clear: I did NOT make any of the signs depicted on this page, nor Hairy amateurs swingerss at rxtra care in bellevue I approve of them, nor do I have any information about any of the people who made them. I am reposting these images not in order to threaten Bush but rather to express my disappointment that such threats seem to have never been investigated.

Click picture to see the image in context with other pictures from that day. A recommendation that Bush should hang, from an October 27, protest in Los Angeles. I found this image several years ago in an online report about an anti-war protest, but I unfortunately failed to note down where or when the If u like very thick woman swf happened, and the Web site that originally hosted the report is now defunct.

A sign showing Bush being shot in the head, at the March 15, anti-war rally in Los Angeles. Remember the guy in our first picture?

A protester with a sign showing Bush being beheaded. Bush being beheaded by a guillotine, at an Obama campaign rally, Denver, October 26, Looking at the Left.

An effigy of Bush being killed, at the April 10, anti-war rally in San Francisco. Bush being burned in effigy, at a November 3, post-election anti-Bush rally in San Francisco. There are literally hundreds of videos currently viewable on YouTube of Bush being burned in effigy. Bush being lynched by an American flag at a rally in New York on September 19, Woman holding a puppet of Bush being hung by the neck, from a March 17, protest in Hollywood, California.

A sign implying Bush should be killed for being a war profiteer. From an October 27, protest in Los Angeles. Bumper sticker implying that Bush should be hanged. Photo by Last Mohican. As far as I can tell, no one was ever stopped or investigated by the Secret Service for displaying this bumper sticker.

Wider-angle shot showing the bumper sticker above in context, with a pro-Obama sticker on the same car, proving that the sticker was displayed by a Bush detractor, not a supporter.

The anti-Israel conspiracy site nogw. Threats against Bush by celebrities which were never investigated. As can be seen in this video exclusively on the ongoodmove blogstarting at about one minute into the clip Kerry says what can only be interpreted as a threat to kill Bush:. Or, I could have gone to Pennsylvania and killed the real bird with one stone. Full transcript of the interview here. Was John Kerry ever questioned or investigated for making a threat against Bush?

I mean — how could you nonviolently kill somebody? I would love to be able to do that. You can hear the audiotape of her threat on Breitbart. Williams had not been questioned and there were no plans to do so. Earlier, Betty Williams said essentially the same thing in a speech in Australia on July 24,proving that this was not just a slip of the tongue but something she If u like very thick woman swf about frequently:.

Right now, I would love to kill George Bush …. Was Betty Williams ever questioned or investigated for making a If u like very thick woman swf against Bush? Although CBS belatedly apologized five days laterKilborn was never investigated, questioned or punishedand continued to host the show for four more years. Was Craig Kilborn ever questioned or investigated for making Sexy horny women in Thessaloniki threat against Bush?

Look at the two pictures above. Which do you find more offensive? Which is more obviously a threat to kill or disrespect a president? But both these images are of t-shirts currently available for sale on zazzle. Adult singles dating in Libertytown, Maryland (MD). as The Joker, by thelibertytree. We need to execute him! And critics also claim that portraying Obama as the Joker from a recent Batman film reeks of racism.

Though those critics Xxx girls in melbourne suddenly fallen mute now that it has been revealed that the person who made the original Photoshop was a Palestinian-American. But look at the shirt on the right: Where is the Ladies wants sex MN Mahnomen 56557 Only a few examples are given here, since these were so common at anti-war protests during the Bush era.

Jackie Clarke Loves Graffiti blog. Threats to Bush made in other countries are obviously not germane to this essay, since the Secret Service has no jurisdiction outside the United States. You may want to turn off your computer volume before clicking on the first three links below, as the pages have annoying embedded music.

Michelle Malkin has a roundup of a few uninvestigated threatening images about Bush. Gateway Pundit has If u like very thick woman swf story of a video made by a child threatening to kill Bush; it was Women seeking nsa Nanakuli from YouTube, but still can be seen here.

If u like very thick woman swf Wants Cock

To follow the complicated argument: Bush as Hitler, Swastika-Mania: There are two different kinds of possible counter-examples which would incrementally weaken my two-pronged contention that a Protesters threatening Obama are almost always detained or questioned by the police or Secret Service or at least are widely publicized by the mediaand b Protesters threatening Bush almost always got off scot-free, with no investigation and no media outrage.

The first type of counter-example would need to show protesters whose threats to Obama were ignored; and the second type of counter-example would need to show protesters who actually were arrested for threatening Bush. Obama supporters originally claimed that only Obama gets threatened at protests, and no previous president ever experienced this level of hostility.

However, this essay has proven otherwise. In fact, the opposite of their swwf is true: It is Bush who got threatened frequently at protests, whereas Obama not nearly so much.

Furthermore, just about every overt threat to Obama by protesters seems to be properly followed up by the authorities. Still, to be as even-handed as possible, I present this Lonely ladies want real sex Winnemucca to document threats to Obama at protests which were never investigated by the Secret If u like very thick woman swf and which were ignored by the media as were all the threats to Bush documented above.

If you are an Obama supporter who knows of any other examples of death threats If u like very thick woman swf Obama at protests which were ignored, then please post them in the comments section below and I will add them here if they qualify. This is the one example I could find of what seems to be ver actual threat toward Obama which went uninvestigatd by the Secret Service and ignored by the media. Look at the sign carefully to see how, if you really concentrate, it could sort of be construed as a death threat to Obama.

But If u like very thick woman swf from those two signs, I have Ladies want hot sex Zalma Missouri 63787 been able to find any more solid examples. Readers are encouraged to post links to any additional examples in the comments section. A few of the thock examples:. Why am I mentioning this?

Does this count as a threat, equivalent to the threats depicted at the top of this report? Anyway, Obama was not the president nor even the Democratic nominee for president yet, just one of many hopefuls hoping to run for the Democratic Party nomination. The other side of the coin is: Threats by protesters against Bush which were investigated by the Secret Service.

As with the other type of counter-examples, there seem to have been very very few if any examples of this, but j closest one I could find is presented here:.

Ready Man

The charges were later dropped anyway. So even if they were removed If u like very thick woman swf the event unfairly, this was not about a death threat, but rather about zwf managers If u like very thick woman swf wanting any protesters in a photo op, as the article mentions. So — do the counter-examples listed above damage to any significant extent my contention that Obama threats are being pursued more vigorously in general than were Bush threats?

Columnist and author Mark Steyn, while appearing on the August 20, Hugh Hewitt radio show, discussed this essay on air. You can hear a short mp3 of the one-minute clip by clicking here kb mp3 file or listen to the full half-hour show here. Pictures of Bush with a bullet, Boi looking for her girl red blood bullet hole through the center of his forehead. None of these guys were ever prosecuted.

None of these magazines — people made films, there was an award-winning film made about the assassination of the president. Nicholson Baker wrote a thifk about the death of Bush, about killing Bush.

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Do you have any more photos, links or evidence that you think should be included in this report? Well, the problem is the non hyper partisans remember the deference shown bush until he evaded Iraq.

After all but the hyper moon bats got behind bush. The rage and fury directed at Obama just seven months in rings hollow to moderates and independents. But it is intellectually dishonest on several levels to compare the two situations. Right now articles like this, and the general hostility emanating from the right will repel the very voters we need to retake the house. Despite moderates and independents having policy issue with the Dems and Obama they will never vote the extremist into power.

Zombie has once again done a service for all who think critically by pointing up the hypocrisy of the left in an objective, thoughtful and logically If u like very thick woman swf manner. I think this is well done and should be released to the public. This is not hostile as the poster above suggests, but it clearly highlights the blatant and pervasive media bias against conservatism. We need more examples of this horrendous bias with evidence, as we have here. I recall a CNN report If u like very thick woman swf a girl who also received a visit by Secret Service personnel, after she made some remarks about George Bush…I believe the girl was a high school student in California?

Anyway, iirc, the CNN report seemed to suggest that it was an overblown response by the Secret Service and, If u like very thick woman swf, uncalled for…. There was a German fellow, Czechanowsky, who was deported back to Germany, after emailing a death threat to the President in This is an excellent report.

The weak part of the article is lack If u like very thick woman swf data on this. You rely on media reports — or lack thereof — of indictments. The same media that was happy to photograph mass protests against Bush as proof of his unpopularity and the illegitimacy of is electionwas probably not as interested in following up arrests unless they could be tied to police-state tactics. Otherwise, the Dover girl nsw sex free xxx you make that there should be equal treatment both Beautiful women seeking real sex Lewes media and security forces of death threats to any president is excellent, but you will find that it comes up against the idee fixe of the truthiness of Republican evil, and the essential non-violence of leftists.

Thank you for pulling all of this together, clearly a lot of work and thought went into it. Along the same lines, I was troubled at the time that the Iraqi journalist hurled his shoe at Bush that his detractors took such glee from the event. To your point, if the same thing were to happen now, to Obama, would his supporters, or the world, find it so amusing?

Just my take, but calling the wanted Housewives want casual sex MN Glencoe 55336 death threats seems like a stretch. The one above it seems even more euphemistic: Thinking further from my post at 10, and looking at the thread at LGF, I think that in the end this is not security issue, but a media issue.

Ultimately what you are saying and demonstrating is that the media is biased. But as you will have noticed from the thread, the need to find more anti-Obama death threats, and the discussion as to what is a death threat, the bias issue is always transformed into the truth issue.

There are more anti-Obama haters than Bush haters. They have simply internalized the self-contradictory If u like very thick woman swf of the left — the mob pursuing social justice is entitled to anger and threats they are revolutionaries! What very few people If u like very thick woman swf saying is that demonstrations against government are in themselves a threat. They are not debates.

They are a massing of disgruntled people. A show of force. A gathering of a host. But they are not war. Individuality is not important. Individuals in choosing to go on a demo, have submerged their own nuanced thoughts and opinions in the Casual Hook Ups Avon park Florida 33825 message.

The medium is the message. That is why so much of media coverage of demonstrations is necessarily about numbers, not slogans. One might argue that anyone prepared to be part of a mob is not a classic, individual-liberty, conservative.

After all, the American revolution verj not, unlike the French, a blood-bath for equality, but a war for freedom from a remote tyrant.

There are children at these protests after all. I realize that — which is why I segregated ssf off into their own section, at the bottom. Marginal, but still indicative of a trend. And thus, all the rest of your post is bunk. Your research was fantastic, and shame on anyone who might point out one flaw in it, real or imagined, in order to reject ssf rest.

Jose Maria Aznar is crossed out, with Bush and Blair to presumably follow. It should probably be removed from this article as there are no violent implications.

Liberals protests always make me think the authorities just released a bunch of inmates from the insane asylum and Bird Roma nude them a bunch of sqf and markers…. First link is to an article, with picture, about a local Alameda artist who displayed a picture of Bush with a bloody knife in his head.

Second link is to an editorial run by the same paper after some people got upset about the first article. It reads in part…. What alarmed Naughty looking sex tonight Slidell was that the three residents who called If u like very thick woman swf the tips chose to report McDonald to the Secret Service rather than first talk to IIf.

McDonald Women who fuck in dewitt arkansas not an aggressive man…. The audio can still be found on Ace of Spades and Cynical Nation. It could be that credible versus not credible protester threats has a lot to do with hippies with placards vs right wingers emptying out gun stores and ammunition and showing up with those guns at health care rallies in Arizona and New Hampshire. After all, you excuse the arrest of anti-Bush protestors by saying they were actually arrested for trespassing or being disorderly.

Maybe this guy was arrested for the same reason. More importantly, show me one single link where the people who brought guns to the rallies made overt threats against Obama. This blog post is about a different topic.

Furthermore, to whatever extent you want to draw some kind of connection between the gun incidents and my post, perhaps you should take into account that they only prove my point even more — i.

If you perhaps are talking about the guy in the first sentence of the post who was arrested for threatening Obama: Read the articles about lie.

Lo and behold, he was arrested for threatening Obama! Who could have guessed? If these random, off-topic, flailing and pointless pseudo-objections are the best my detractors can come up with, then I feel more confident that my post has hit home. Thank you for restoring my conviction in the unassailability of my post with your impotent attempt at a rebuttal.

There are numerous examples of protestors with anti-Bush signs wwoman arrested. You explain these away by saying that they were actually arrested for something else, such as trespassing or disorderly conduct. I was pointing out that the man that leads off your story might have been arrested not for the anti-Obama sign, but for some other Looking Real Sex Palouse of behavior, making this the same kind of case as If u like very thick woman swf ones you described during Woman looking sex Brandsville Bush years.

The threatening language is not protected speech when used against anyone, be they President or not. The argument was that the Marxist was going to suspend their Second Amendment rights. Brandon Mayfield, arrested as a terrorist and spied on after a false If u like very thick woman swf reading in the Madrid bombing and attorney Lynne Stewarttried for aiding and abetting a terrorist after she read her clients statement to the press.

But according to your If u like very thick woman swf we are to believe that nobody did anything about threatening President Bush. The media has covered the political opponents in what appears to be a fair way. They are looking for dissent, not yes men or women. The fairly huge differences between all the death threats made at Bush during protests and what is going on now are as follows:.

History says that Right Wingers have a higher tendency of acting out their rage than Liberals do. The police and Secret Service knew no one could actually get If u like very thick woman swf enough to do it: Ya Adult want casual sex Meridian NAS Mississippi go down that road too?

There is nothing conservative about blowing up abortion clinics or federal buildings. Get acquainted with the ideology and then see if your point can be logically pursued. The Secret Service say that death threats are up — which is something different than thik holding signs. You If u like very thick woman swf need to loosen the rubber bands on your tin foil hat wingnuts.

According to an article by James Bovard in The American Conservative December 15, by several people had been arrested while protesting President Bush. I assume more arrests were made after In most arrests, individuals with anti-Bush signs Sample: Anyone who refused to leave was arrested for disorderly conduct. This is reasonable and expected at a minimum— that someone who makes a direct or implied threat towards the President should be questioned and investigated.

Something that, apparently, had not been done at the many rallies that Zombie pointed out. Plenty of Bush death fantasies still archived over at the Lady wants casual sex Schiller Park hatefest of Dkos. Just search a few relevant terms like executed, die, kill, Hitler. I want you to consider how terrifying it would be if on inauguration day,rightwingers had organized a massive protest in the streets of DC, to protest against the prospect of the president elect even taking the oath of office.

Of owman by that time, progressives had fully embraced all of the features of their antipluralistic, anti-Bush derangement. Bush was already a nazi, a dry drunk, etc. This goes hand in hand with the myth that progressives loved him in the interim between the attacks and the invasion of Iraq, supporting the invasion of Afghanistan full-throatedly in between. Of course this is also a lie. The fact of the matter is that progressives opposed the any response to the attacks — some because they do in fact hate the U.

Just ask Vdry Garofalo. It should be easy, if they do it all the time. Squanto McButterpants If u like very thick woman swf Aug 19, at Actually, those articles confirm most of If u like very thick woman swf I claimed — that the Secret Service is following up on the investigation, and are likely If u like very thick woman swf charge him, and that he was brought in for questioning because of his sign, not because of his behavior. Thanks for pointing out the minor correction.

I have fixed that one word. Beyond the ones I already linked to. No one is forcing you to hang around here. What a novel idea! Which of these counts as a threat: Someone making a threat; or someone not making a Beautiful couple want sex encounters Pocatello, but carrying a gun while not making a threat?

Threatening the president is a crime, whether or not you are at that moment carrying a gun. And before you claim they were: Show me a single scrap of evidence that anyone depicted in the pictures above was ever arrested or questioned by the Saf Service.

Your argument boils down to: Rant all you want on irrelevant side-topics: Nothing you say will make the pictures of people threatening Bush go away.

They speak for themselves.

There are two replies the left-wing nutroots will leave to this. Again, vfry is irrelevant to this essay. None of thidk people were arrested for threatening If u like very thick woman swf President, If u like very thick woman swf none of them were carrying death threat signs.

For someone to arrest this man for having carried such a sign is likely a violation of his civil rights, and he should sue whatever people did it. Saying that you believe someone should die in a just world is not the same as expressing an intention tthick make it so, and it is the intention to act which is illegal.

They only care about partisanship, not ideology. If a Democratic President came out in favor of all the things that Bush did in the War on Terror, they would be cheering for that Democratic politician.

I think the courts strongly disagree with you. And that is sufficient to be counted as a threat. Otherwise, threateners would just play various word games If u like very thick woman swf get out of being charged under the United States Code. Maybe later, maybe not — who knows?

Just wanted to let you know that the assassination attempt is definitely not going to happen today. And I sincerely doubt if threats in general have gone up substantially, either. Many many people over many presidential administrations have been arrested and convicted. The PotUS is not some special personage — a king or pope or whatever, who gets special privilege in this nation, and forgetting that is one of the problems with this nation.

He should not have special laws making Ladies looking nsa Sandston Virginia 23150 against him any different from actions against any other citizen.

Wives Want Nsa Klickitat

This, too, is wrong. It is one thing to claim that someone with a placard, which clearly obstructs vvery view of others, should be moved out of such a location though they should certainly be relocated with that sole complaint in mind — such as to a back corner of the room, not to a field two blocks away.

Suppose an anti-Obama group manages to associate its opposition to Obama with a certain specific color? Shall we then allow them to remove people for wearing a color!?!? It is no better than what the Left wants to do to its opponents, which is to silnce If u like very thick woman swf opposition or dissenting views. It is Married need counseling thing to prevent interference with speech including the obstruction of view using placards.

OK, then how about this: My take on the Arizona gun thing; Legal yes. I understand the sentiment but abhor the adolescent and potentially dangerous display. Even if this was a rally for, insert your favorite conservative public figure here. Drove me absolutely frothing batshite when used so cavalierly by the left. You draw a defective connection here, both apparently in general and certainly in terms of what I say Ic.

It is not a threat, and, were it made against the average person, would have little or no significance in terms of being taken as an intent to sdf. The courts, when dealing with regular citizens, recognize that the dividing line is the intent to act. You can say anything you want to — but the moment you show intent to act — the action of laying out a serious plan to others, and the obtainment of requisite elements to execute said plan a truck, say, or a gun then you have committed a crime.

If any laws exist which make a special case of the status of the presidency, then those laws are flat out wrongheaded and should be invalidated. Looking through these comments, both sides have fallen into the very trap, Zombie warned about in his essay: This has essentially turned into a game of Count the Bodies, in which whoever killed or arrested fewer people wins.

Kinda defeats the point of the essay. You can then counter-sue, take it to the Supreme Court, If u like very thick woman swf win! And yes, there is a special law in the United States Code specifically protecting the president from threats. I link to it at the top of this page:. Threats against President and successors to the Presidency.

They will always DENY your facts, and make up new ones that are more suited for doman purpose. It is xwf about truth. It is always Beautiful couples ready dating Rio Rancho getter power through any means necessary. It does seem to change a bit. There would seem to be two possible ways that this could Sexy girls searching canadian dating sites happening, if we assume that zombie is correct that the Secret Service finds out about death threats through the media.

Either 1 If u like very thick woman swf media calls the Secret Service and tells them or 2 the Secret Service is watching the news to find out who is carrying signs at various rallies where the President is present. It also calls into question who is being defined as the media. Were the Bush protesters not covered by the media? Did not at least Fox refer thicck such protests and point out the crazies? One aspect that is NOT mentioned about these incidents is the location of the President when the protests are being made.

It does seem quite different to be carrying a sign protesting and seeming to Would love to be friends again a threat to the President when the President is in Washington, DC and the protester is in San Francisco.

It seems to be a bit of a more credible threat when you are in the same city or standing outside an Horny chatline where the President will be. Other commenters have pointed out that people were arrested outside of Bush events.

If u like very thick woman swf other posters noted, the people with pro-Bush signs were sef to stay. It seems less than credible to suggest that the content of the sign was NOT the reason for the arrest at that point. Were any Bush supporters ever arrested or questioned at a Bush protest?

If the issue was non the content of the signs, surely zombie can provide examples of people who were arrested while supporting Bush in such locations.

The notions that zombie presents that follow from that is what is questionable. Take out the pictures from the essay and what is his point? The piece does a good job of identifying some anti-Bush signs that are certainly in poor taste and quite possibly illegal. The rest of the essay is where it falls apart.

But to be honest, I fully expected it. What other response can the Left possibly have to this report? Before I published this, they absolutely owned the field, claiming that Obama was being uniquely targeted, whereas under Bush we lived If u like very thick woman swf a police state. I completely turned the table on them, and inverted the argument If u like very thick woman swf, showing the exact opposite is true. Well Looking for something Clermont and dirty today did it too!

Which is precisely the trap I wanted them to fall into. But the end result is, they no doman control the narrative. They undoubtedly pursue every threat they find out about, swg If u like very thick woman swf president.

The question then becomes: Why were all these threats to Bush ignored? My only thickk answer is that they simply were never aware of them. But why are they more aware of threats now than before? Again, it seems to me that a very likely reason is that the media is now focusing on gery more and publicizing them, so the Secret Service finds out about more of them. You have evidence of ONE arrest of an anti-Obama protester.

I would certainly give you that liberals are probably more scared of the right-wing being violent than conservatives are of the left-wing being violent. That could explain the phone calls from people at the event to the sherriff. Another possible explanation would be that the people at this particular event know the law better than people at a Bush event. However, based on the articles you cite, there is NO reason to believe that the media is calling the Secret Service or that the Secret Service is relying on the media for its information.

Plenty of anti-Bush protestors have been arrested at protests for conduct and signs less extreme than this. Plenty of anti-Bush protestors have also been investigated by the Secret Service for threats against the president. If u like very thick woman swf reason is If u like very thick woman swf if hypocrisy were the standard, that would be the tu quoque that zombie Fuck women in Akron Ohio mentions and it would make his writing this irrelevant.

If what you are talking about were his original claim, there would be LOTS to say back to it. It would involve the hypocrisy of the right. I probably would have If u like very thick woman swf sympathy with his claim that the anti-Bush protests were not covered by the media if I did not likw some of the signs when I saw them.

They started in on bush right after the election. The left never got over Algore not being allowed to steal the election. As you will see in the section, I was able to find only meager evidence in either category. Anyone with solid links to either type of counter-example, please post them here and I will do my best to update that section with them, if the examples stand up to scrutiny.

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You are free to post counter-examples here in the comments section. You are free to write verg own essay trying to prove the opposite of my essay. Squanto McButterpants on Aug 20, at 1: And once again he provides zero substantiation. Guess he just surrenders without the ability to tuick his point.

Who ignored these threats to President Bush for years? I find some of these funny as hell…some dumb. Im more worried bout the GOP goons showing up armed at townmeetings than some stupid signage. President Lincoln, a Republican who were primarily interested in abolition and freeing the slaves. Sounds like a real party of racists. Thanks for this great montage that again, and again, and again shows the incredible hypocrisy of the MSM.

And I confess, I think If u like very thick woman swf front that any thinking man would find him a disaster of history. And history, I think, will remember him kindly.

But someone with a sign threatening to kill the President even if it WAS Bush they were talking about? Those people were out of line. You fery note that many of the pictures came from one place, and others from overseas. However, you are correct. That would have mad Dick Cheney the President. Instead, we wanted them both in jail. Unfortunately, we were unable to find someone who wanted to blow him and save the semen. Squanto McButterpants on Aug 20, at 3: Horse, for substantiation of my claim please If u like very thick woman swf the essay above this thread.

The protesters were never arrested for signs less extreme than this. Nothing in the essay substantiates If u like very thick woman swf ludicrous claim. Personally, I could care less about protests against Bush or Obama, non-violent protesting is almost always a good way to get people to demonstrate Beautiful women seeking real sex Danbury real concerns and beliefs.

I find some of these funny as hell …some dumb.

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Please, Jolter, I want you to post some more comments! Because every character coming out of your keyboard only discredits your side further. I think you are right — this only happened in certain places, namely NYC and Southern California…but these are the places where protests actually take place! Sex dating in Tar heel you think they were flash in pan incidents, you are mistaken. Not only did this happen many times over several years, it happened an absurd amount of times at just about every major protest event.

I would liken it to the comparisons now being made of Obama as Hitler extremely rare or Obama as the Joker, to Bush as Hitler.

Likening Obama to a fictional character that prized chaos I find far less disturbing than comparing Bush to a man who decided it was his right to kill millions of Jews. Even sadder, the Bush as Hitler sign was extremely common and was highly accepted amongst the protesters even if their logic was severely flawed. Yes, I know about Bursey, I was the one who dug up his case. His sign certainly indicated he was a protester, but that is not why he was arrested or why he was charged.

During presidential visits the secret service have a lot of leeway in establishing exclusion zones. Finally, note that every single MSM article about Bursey and others takes the side of the protesters.

The articles are not about the unreasonable, potentially violent, astro turfing protesters, it is about how great the protesters are and how unfair it is to restrict them during presidential visits.

Now the protesters are teabaggers, gun crazy, violent, out of control, unreasonable, uniformed, etc. It points out the incredible partisan nature of the MSM -fox as pro democratic party. People who violate the free speech zone policies get arrested for violating the free speech zone policies — i. In every case the actual reason was something different — trespassing, disrupting a meeting, etc.

You can keep harping on it and harping on it, but you are convincing no one and scoring zero logic points. I laugh every time I witness this, because it truly is the best inside joke today: We have now come full circle. In my original post in this thread Lady wants casual sex Quimby I said we should find out what this guy was really detained for before getting all worked up.

What if this protestor was actually detained for disorderly conduct, and not for his sign? Du Bois and Langston If u like very thick woman swf. So to call someone a Marxist then compare them to Hitler is stupid. His views were more or less formed during three periods: The Black man with is head cropped out of the picture, interesting. A term meant to describe a cultural affinity, not a skin tone. Skin tones mean nothing when compared to a persons cultural attributes.

Plenty of light and White skinned African-Americans from a cultural standpoint. In all the years of listening to conservatives complain about the liberal media, I have never viewed mainstream media as liberal. They are neither underfunded, under equiped, understaffed or biased toward one party or the other. Their job is to protect the president. The If u like very thick woman swf they use and the actions that they take are all classified and not available to Zombie or anyone else posting to this site.

I just make shit up. Every photo and every link on this site is completely fake. To be honest, all of zombietime is just one big hoax. I create every image from scratch in Photoshop. I built whole false-front Web-sites with fake news stories on them which I write myself just so I can link to them and give the link an air of authority. Nosiree, no one If u like very thick woman swf threatened President Bush ever, no way.

Looking for a butch to pop my Pecos and their psychics. And maybe other government agencies that do read the news and then inform the secret service if they think something should be checked out. The If u like very thick woman swf of double standards still stands. Bush protesters good, regardless of sign content and actions.

Obama protesters bad, and fabricate sign content and actions to make them look as bad as possible. Mmmmm, taste the triumph. What a juvenile and bitter response to a completely obvious, common-sense statement. Hey Squanto Post38check out an arrest of a different guy threatening Obama: Squanto McButterpants, I know grieving Girls wanting sex Bagnou-bagnou difficult, but it may be Naughty lady wants casual sex West Chester to admit that you and Zombie have grown apart and you should start seeing If u like very thick woman swf bloggers.

I should have been clearer. What I assumed at the time was that the lack of a harsh crackdown the Secret Service is required, by what I understand is iron-clad law, to investigate every single threat reported to them or even so much as a harsh word from the WH regarding the nastiness at protests, was due ironically to a respect for the First Women sex Juiz de fora and rhino-like political skin.

Figural, monster, weapons and Architectural vintage OOP model kits for sale Gasoline Alley Antiques

Obama, OTOH, has displayed a particularly thin skin when it comes to critics. Using an eleven-year-old girl to rhetorically shoot back at protesters — very cheap and unseemly. Like it or not, Obama is our first black president, and like it or not, racism does still exist in this country. If you have any links to solid examples of Obama threateners-at-protests getting away with it with no Secret Service questioning and no media publicity about their threats, please post If u like very thick woman swf here.

The response by zombie is pretty damning to his thesis. Notice how when challenged the type of evidence that he requires changes. In reality, I doubt that they were arrested or followed up, my only point is that If u like very thick woman swf examples are, at best, difficult to provide since the lack of arrests are seldom reported by the any media. Does that mean zombie was arrested liike Remember how the If u like very thick woman swf begins.

He then states that this is because the media is so widely covering threats. He now suggests that he can only find a handful of threats that were not prosecuted.

He discovered this, I would assume, by doing some searches of the very same media who he claims the Secret Service is watching to get its information. In short, the gery is not the tu quoque, it is the problem of oike generalization. The Greeks were not too big on inductive reasoning. Yes, I know secundum quid is Latin, but Roman education was heavily influenced by the Greeks.

At womann top of the page, it says Hot local pussy Pelee Island, Ontario have been comments. But I only see Does anyone know why that would be? I am just curious. I am not accusing zombie of a right-wing conspiracy.

Forgot the actual zwf I think the biggest reason why, there was so many death threats made against Bush, versus Obama Sex men Columbus xxx has probably just started getting more. I checked the contact page and see there is not a direct email to you.

So, I will If u like very thick woman swf a womn here. While I did disagree with some of the conclusions of this essay, I have really enjoyed the other essays and commentary I have read. You seem to have a keen sense of humor.

As less than an amateur, I am very impressed If u like very thick woman swf your photos as well. They fit your stories and commentary perfectly. Anyways, I did want to let you know that I am a bit of a fan from exploring the site the last two days.

Thanks for reminding me that there are people with whom I can disagree that are sane, thoughtful, AND funny. Glad you can appreciate the site even though you have a different political perspective.

If I lived in a hyper-conservative area, I might very well mock paleo-conservatives as well in my photo essays. I just so rarely ever encounter anyone to the wwf of Trotsky, I really have no option but If u like very thick woman swf mock those in my face.

I can only hope that my site has nudged you a little in that direction. The assassinations of Abraham Lincoln and JFK are constantly brought up referred to and written about, the assassinations of James Garfield and William McCkinley are virtually never talked about. But all armies do that. Are you uplifting her? Phuk, Yassir Arafat is also a peace prize laureate.

Vwry like Betty Williams is a swc nice individual. I bet she and Yasser Bery would get along real well. And speaking of peace prize winners. Vsry find it intriguing that you refer ljke Nelson Mandela as a communist thug. This is news to me. Would you mind elaborating on this? In practice the ANC government is heavily socialistic, with the usual results: South Africa is poverty stricken, internal violence is endemic, with South Africa being one ghick the most violent countries on the face of the earth.

Thanks, zombie, for yet another useful and thoughtful htick. Over the last couple of years, you have added much to my understanding and awareness of what seems to pass for political discourse in parts where some womman us simpler folks dare not tread. I, for one, appreciate your efforts. Oh man, the insanity factor here is totally off the chain.

And hey how about those tie dye shirts General Custer wore to battle! Basically, yeah, Conservatives are inherently dangerous violent maniacs.

And now we can throw in delusional, irresponsible, dishonest and spin-mongering, too! Zombie, your posting is illustrative of the truth. It is beyond comprehension that anyone would even argue the point.

The double standard is beyond description between Obama and GWB. What you have here is posters arguing semantics. The core point of your post is deflected. In case no one else mentioned it, the black child who mouthed off about killing Sweet woman wants sex tonight Island Park W. According to 18 USC Sec. Whoever knowingly and willfully deposits for conveyance in the mail or for a delivery from any post office or by any letter carrier any letter, paper, writing, print, missive, or document containing any threat to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm upon the President of the United States, the President-elect, the Vice President or other officer next in the order of succession to the office of President of the United States, or the Vice President-elect, tihck knowingly and willfully woan If u like very thick woman swf any such threat against the President, President-elect, Vice President or other officer next in the order of succession to the office of President, or Vice President-elect, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned liike more than five years, or both.

Every assassination of an american president was a lefty. Several attempts were by lefties. And the left-wing regimes have been the most murderous regimes in modern history. WTF are u babbling about? Sorry about sounding like Tonto in my previous post, but the incredulous statement left me dumbstruck. You have to admire a political group liberals that can drop an atomic bomb on Hiroshima one day, and turn around and talk about how bloodthirsty and violent right wingers are the next day.

Dave Surls, Thanks for the response. I was in the audience when Nelson Mandela gave a speech in London several years back. It was to commemorate the ending of apartheid in South Africa. Now I wish I could remember the things that he said. A group in the Netherlands, Gatas Parliament, made a video called Antiamerikansk Dans Anti-American Dance where they encouraged burning American embassies and showed thock hitman with a big gun out to kill Bush.

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